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Extraordinary 3D effect of full concrete panels, which not only provide privacy, but will also become an envied modern component of your environment…

See-through concrete fence of unique design that will mark the boundaries of your privacy, not disturbing the surroundings.

About Us

We’ve been in the business of concrete and fences made from concrete since 1992, and we have our own certified mixing plant.

The exclusive manufacturer of TEKTONIKA concrete fences is the company STAVEBNÍ PODNIK PŘELOUČ s.r.o.

Our concrete products guarantee the quality of the used material; the concrete fence plates have by 14% more material compared to usual production, while their dimensions are standard, meaning they are interchangeable – it is possible to use them with the fence posts used with standard types The increased volume of material is due to the special 3D effect, which we have aimed for.


All our products are registered and protected under the EUIPO association industrial design number: 008420996